Fish Wranglers

Large fish or game solutions

Fish Wranglers are a high quality block and tackle that can be used for retrieving large fish from the sea or hanging game for butchering. Both models come with 100 feet of rope which will provide you with 18 feet of take up. The rope is 8mm (about 5/16") in diameter.

These products are made using blocks designed for sail boats and can stand salt water without issue and are easy to clean so dirt and mud are not an issue. Their large sheaves allow you to handle a larger load compared to using small cord and small sheaves. Both versions provide a way to release the tension on the line you are hauling without losing the line you have gained. This is done either by an integral cam cleat (deluxe model) or with a Prusik Knot (standard model).

Fish Wranglers are NOT designed for lifting people or supporting a load over one's head.

Storage bag for 5:1 lifting tackle
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Fish Wrangler Storage Bag
Part number:  WPM0519

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Standard Fish Wrangler
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Standard Fish Wrangler
Part number:  WPM0515

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Deluxe Fish Wrangler
Deluxe Fish Wrangler
Part number:  WPM0510

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revised 10/2019