Snap Fasteners for Custom Fabrication

We can install snap fasteners as a component of your custom strap. If you need to affix the male half of the snap assembly to something rigid we have two common options.

  • Stainless steel screwstuds with self-tapping screws.
    Size: Ligne 24
    Screw size: #8 x ⅝"
    Part number: WEBF-459-58-ALL
    self-tapping screwstud

  • Stainless steel screwstud with machine screws.
    Size: Ligne 24
    Machine screw size: #8/32 x ⅝"
    Part number: WEBF-559-58-SS
    screwstud with machine screw

Other choices include ones made for pop riveting, gluing, or specifically designed for use on boat windshields. Give us a call and we will help you figure out what will work best. (253) 627-6000

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revised 10/2019