Privacy Policy

Straps to Go is a family owned and operated business. Our family is concerned about its privacy and feels that we should not invade our customers privacy.
You will only hear from us if it regards an order you have placed, quotation you have requested or some other issue directly related to a transaction between our two parties (ie. product recall).

Please be aware that Straps to Go is a division of Westpac Marine Services, Inc. and some email regarding your order or quotation might come from a Westpac Marine email address (as do any credit card transactions). This is one and the same company with the same ownership and concern for your privacy.

We do not:

  • Email or phone our customers seeking additional business.
  • Sell, barter, rent or trade our customers information with anyone.
  • Mail catalogs or sales fliers (unless requested as part of a specific project we are working on with you).

With our business customers we occasionally discuss promoting your product(s) on our web or social media sites. We will not do this without your permission and we do not charge to do this.

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revised 10/2019