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Hood Loop Strap Kit (set of 2)

Hood loop strap

The Hood Loop Strap kit provides tie down points on the front of your car to secure your kayak, paddle-board or gear. They easily mount to existing fasteners under the hood and when not in use just fold back staying out of sight.

Our straps are 8½" long and are made using 1" wide polyester webbing. This webbing is the most abrasion resistant we sell, doesn't stretch, and holds up in an outside environment. The brass grommet has a ¼" hole and ensures that you are free from chafe at the point of connection. They come two (2) straps to a kit.

  • Color: black polyester
  • Number per kit: 2
  • Straps to Go part number: WEB20-100-2070
  • Price:  $5.95 KIT

    Part Number:  WEB20-100-2070

    Easy to install, no drilling required
    Hood loop strap with the hood closed

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    revised 10/2019