Coated Webbing

Webbing that has been coated with reflective material, rubberized strips or urethane meets speciality needs if you are constructing bags, slings or life raft tie downs. The base webbing is usually polyester or polypropylene since you do not want coated webbing to stretch (otherwise it ruins the coating).

Some of our coated webbing choices are quite different from standard webbing. The urethane coated polyester is very thick and impossible to sew without a large industrial sewing machine. Our reflective polyester webbing is really thin, more like bias tape (although it is not cut on a bias) than regular webbing. They each have uses but you need the right equipment to work with them.

We purchase this type of webbing from a number of suppliers including ACW. There are minimum orders that we must meet so obtaining something in another width or color is usually difficult.

1 Inch Black Polyester Webbing With Reflective Strip
1" Black Polyester Webbing With Reflective Strip
Part number:  WEB710-100

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1½" urethane coated polyester webbing
Ohio Plastics Belting Co.
1½" Urethane Coated Polyester Webbing
Part number:  WEB9999-150

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