Custom Fabrication of Strap Assemblies

Straps to Go will make straps to your specifications. In house we have computerized sewing equipment, hot and cold cutting capabilities along with the ability to punch and fuse holes in webbing. We will work with you to design the right strap for your needs and produce them in a timely manner.

Box-X Stitching

The Box-X stitch pattern is one of the most common ways to sew a buckle on to webbing. With plastic buckles it provides more than enough strength.

Polypropylene, nylon and polyester webbing are all available along with plastic and metal buckles. We stock webbing from ½" to 2" and can special order wider and narrower widths.


Double Bar Tack Stitching

Double Bar Tacks provide a bit more strength than a Box-X especially if you are dealing with shock loading. You can add more bar tacks if greater strength is needed. Here we have also installed a buckle pad to protect the material you are securing from the buckle.

For most of the strap assemblies we produce we use A&E's polyester thread. It has superior UV protection so you will see less strength degradation if your straps are used outdoors. Our standard thread size is TEX 90 (DB-92). A&E thread is manufactured in the United States.


Life raft lashing

This life raft container lashing (hold down strap) is an example of a one-off strap we have manufactured. It is constructed using 2" polyester webbing and stainless steel hardware. A strap such as this should have a five (5) year service life since it is exposed to the sun 365 days a year.


Velcro strap with grommets

Here is an example of hook and loop (better known as Velcro®) sewn to polypropylene webbing with a grommet in one end.


black webbing withe female Ligne 24 snap

We can also set snaps into your straps. This is an example of a short strap with a loop on one end, female Ligne 24 snap on the other and a folded tab to help disengage the snap.

We do not manufacture load rated straps designed for personal protection or securing loads on commercial trucks. These straps require sewing machines that will handle heavier thread than what ours can do along with the ability to load test samples of each production run. However if you need to secure computers on a navy ship or loose goods on a pallet we can meet your needs.

Information on Stitch Strengths

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