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Replacement strap for Boston Whaler stern ladder

Boston Whaler ladder strap

Replacement strap for securing the stern ladder on many Boston Whaler™ boats. This strap consists of 1' of black polyester webbing sewn to the female half of an ACW GM-1 buckle. The male half of the buckle is also included.

The webbing provided is longer than necessary so that you can trim it to the exact length you need. A hot knife works best for cutting and sealing the polyester webbing but you can also use a knife or scissors and then seal the end of the webbing using a propane torch or some other heat source.

We believe that the OEM part number of this strap is 1911770

Price:  $6.00 EACH

Part Number:  WEB20-100-2000

Complete assembly

This is not our standard GM-1 buckle strap. Here the webbing is polyester (rather than polypropylene) and it is sewn to the female half of the buckle where normally one would sew to the male half of the GM-1 buckle. Since we provide the complete buckle, if you want to use this strap on other brands of boats, everything other than the screws is there, ready to go.

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revised 4/2018