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1" battery box tie down strap kit

Battery box tie down strap kit

Our battery box tie down strap kit was designed to be a replacement for Boston Whaler's™ but there is no reason not to use it on any battery box sized for series 24 or 27 batteries. The kit includes a stainless steel over-center buckle with 51" of 1" polypropylene webbing sewn to it and two (2) stainless steel footman's loops (fasteners are not included but they are designed for a #10 size).

We use polypropylene webbing to provide excellent battery acid protection. It also has the benefit of minimal stretch so once you get your battery box secured there is little chance of it moving.

The webbing provided is longer than necessary so that you can trim it to the exact length you need. A hot knife works best for cutting and sealing the polyester webbing but you can also use a knife or scissors and then seal the end of the webbing using a propane torch or some other heat source.

Price:  $18.20 EACH

Part Number:  WEB20-100-2050

Complete assembly
Threading instructions for the over-center buckle

The stainless steel over center buckle comes from Suncor Stainless and the polyester webbing is manufactured by ACW. We get our footman's loops from The Sea Dog Line. The webbing is attached to the buckle using a double bar tack with polyester thread for great strength and abrasion resistance.

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