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6 foot tree saver strap

Tree saver strap

Tree saver straps are an essential piece of equipment for setting up your highline in the back country. Ours are 6 foot in length and made using 2" polyester webbing and chrome plated steel D rings. Polyester webbing provides better abrasion and UV resistance (longer life) and does not adsorb water like nylon. The wide width prevents damage to trees and keeps you in compliance with 36CFR§261.6.

Price:  $7.48 EACH

Part Number:  WPM5500

D rings threaded through each other

Tree Saver Straps are normally used in pairs (although we sell them by the each). Along with back country horse highlines, they are also used for hammocks when you want to protect the trees you are hanging from. We can make these whatever length you require, just give us a call at (253) 883-5800 and we will take your order.

The two D-rings are different sizes so that the smaller one will slip through the larger D-ring so that the strap will tighten up on the tree and hold its position. Since you have polyester webbing sliding through a metal D-ring they also are easy to remove from the tree even after being loaded. The Box-X stitching pattern provides plenty of strength and abrasion resistance for long life.

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