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3 ply Jute twine

3 ply jute twine

3 ply Jute twine comes in a ½# spool which has about 228 feet of twine. Jute is a natural fiber which is biodegradable, strong and has good UV resistance.

Perfect for use with our tree straps, if you "strap" up a tree and then forget it, in time the twine will rot, releasing the tree strap and preventing damage to the tree.

  • Diameter: 3 ply
  • Tensile strength: 84 pounds
  • Weight: ½ pounds
  • Spool length: about 228 feet

Need extra strength?
Loop the twine more than once to improve the strength. As with all cordage, the weak points are knots and high chafe areas.

Price:  $2.95 EACH

Part Number:  CWC045150

Jute twine is commonly available in 1, 2 and 3 ply versions. The more ply's, the stronger. Our's is 3 ply with an 84 pound tensile strength. If you read about jute twine on that large shopping site there are plenty of comments about how weak it is. Read closely, most of what they are selling is 1 ply (for much more money) so it is not constructed to be as strong as our 3 ply.

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