2" Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Single Bar Slide

2 inch stainless steel heavy duty single bar slide

2" stainless steel heavy duty single bar slides can be used to adjust a strap's length or secure any loose end. The stainless steel heavy duty model offers maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Single bar slides also work well in combination with other buckles.

A: 2-1/2"
B: 1-1/4""
C: 1/8"
D: 2"

  • Manufacturers part number: 199013
  • Stainless steel: Type 304

Price:  $4.05 EACH

Part Number:  WEB199013

This is our choice of single bar slide when making life raft container lashings. It is twice as thick as the standard weight version which provides extra grip and strength.

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revised 10/2019