Stainless Steel 2" Ratchet Buckle

2 inch stainless ratchet buckle

Stainless steel heavy duty ratchet buckles for use with 2" webbing are one of the most useful pieces of webbing hardware for tie down straps. They are able to get the webbing strap very tight and then hold the load. The stainless steel version is great due to the increased corrosion resistance. No more ratchet buckles rusted shut after just a short time out in the elements! We like to use these with our polyester webbing which provides superior abrasion and ultraviolet resistance along with its lack of stretch, an important factor in having your tie down strap secure its load.


  • Length: 6.54"
  • Width: 3.00"
  • Height: 2.54"
  • Working load limit: 1670 pounds
  • Weight: 2.58 pounds each
  • Stainless: Type 304

Price:  $33.50 EACH

Part Number:  SUNS0204-HD50

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revised 10/2019