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1" Blue Tech Tape Tubular Nylon Webbing

1 Inch Blue Tech Tape Tubular Nylon Webbing

TechTape is our premium 1" tubular nylon webbing that features a smooth, denser weave and a higher tensile strength than our Mil-Spec webbing.

Tubular nylon TechTape webbing provides both high strength and abrasion resistance. It is the standard webbing used in military applications and provides a minimum breaking strength of 4300 pounds in a straight pull. The 1" dimension is the outside width of the webbing (not the inside of the tube).

Tubular nylon webbing is used extensively by climbers and rescue crews. It will both hold a knot and also allow the knot to be untied even after being put under load.

Price:  $0.36 FOOT

Part Number:  SRCTTBLU

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revised 10/2019