1" Black Field Repair Side Release Buckle

1 inch black field repair side release buckle

"No Sew" 1" Field Repair (FR) black side release buckle for replacing out of commission buckles without sewing. This is one of ACW's MSR series of buckles, made in the USA and super tough. We only sell this as a complete buckle since the majority of the time when doing a replacement, both halves are needed since parts from different manufacturers are not interchangeable.

  • Length: 2.70"
  • Width: 1.33"
  • Thickness: 0.56"
  • Minimum breaking strength: 200 pounds
  • Manufacturers part number: MSR 1" FR
  • Straps to Go part number: WEBMSR-100-FR

Made in the U.S.A.

Price:  $0.82 EACH

Part Number:  WEBMSR-100-FR

Field repair buckle unclipped

Want to know the best part?

If you have lost or broken the male half of some "made elsewhere" buckle and can't find replacement parts this buckle is just the ticket. In most cases you can do a complete replacement without sewing, only needing a pair of diagonal cutters to remove the female portion of your existing buckle. The design of the female half of this buckle securely holds the webbing in place for a strong, long lasting fix.

This buckle's components will not intermix with ACW's BSR or CSR series. We only stock it in black, other colors would require a dedicated production run with long lead times and a substantial minimum quantity requirement.

The rated breaking strength is that of the buckle only. If your webbing or sewing is weaker than this the buckle will not be the failure point.

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revised 10/2019