Locking spa (hot tub) cover buckles


Do the straps on your spa cover look like this? If so we have the solution. American Cord and Webbing’s SPA buckle is a great replacement for any old, broken spa cover buckles.

The SPA buckle is a locking, side release buckle designed for use with 1″ webbing (or other materials as shown). It is made from Acetal plastic to provide exceptional service life.


The female portion of the buckle is attached to the covering sides of your hot tub (or the deck) using two screws.

If your state or municipality requires spa covers that lock to protect youngsters, ACW’s SPA buckle is the answer.

Quick release sail ties


We will soon be producing quick release sail ties in a wide variety of colors. Unlike our other sail ties, these have a side release buckle, hence the “quick release”, grab loop and sewn tab so you can’t lose the male half of the buckle.


They are made using polypropylene webbing which does not adsorb water or bleed pigment. All sewing is done using A&E’s SunStop polyester thread which has advanced UV protection which helps maintain the strength of the stitching over time.

Just click the buckle closed, grab on to the loop and tab and it is easy to cinch up the sail tie. These should be available online in July, if you want some sooner give us a call at (253) 883-5800.

1″ Side Release Buckles

Straps to Go stocks side release buckles for 1″ webbing in many different configurations. All are manufactured by American Cord and Webbing (ACW).

acw 1 inch bar buckle

The BSR version is the most common found in the field. It is also the one buckle where there is a good possibility that different manufacturers components will work (how well is a different story) together.

acw 1 inch csr buckle

The CSR version is what we sell the most of today. It is a bit nicer looking than the BSR and the edges are rounded so stuff just might not catch on.

acw 1 inch double adjust csr buckle
Double Adjust CSR

The CSR buckle also comes in a double adjust version. With this buckle you don’t need to sew the webbing to the female half, you can just thread it through.

acw 1 inch bsr type 5 buckle
Type V

The Type V version of the BSR is primarily used on life jackets. It is larger than the standard BSR and a bit stronger too.

acw 1 inch curved bsr buckle
Curved BSR

Want to make a pet collar? Then the curved version of the BSR is just the ticket.

1 inch bsr buckles in colors
Colored BSR Buckles

Finally we stock the BSR model in a number of colors other than black. On the bottom is the popular coyote tan color, and we also have nylon webbing to match. Above that we have hot pink and bright orange both of which we have a limited supply at fantastic prices. One word of warning, the pink and orange colors will fade if left exposed to ultra-violet light.

If you need help making up your mind, give us a call at (253) 883-5800 or check out our full range of hardware at https://strapstogo.com

Coyote Tan is here

Coyote Tan Side Release Buckle

We now have 1″ webbing and buckles in coyote tan. It’s hunting season and colors that blend in are required.

Coyote Tan ladder lock buckle
Coyote Tan nylon webbing

In stock are side release and ladder lock buckles along with nylon webbing that meets MIL-W-17337. As with all our goods we will sell 1, or 1 foot, up to as many as you need and they will ship for $6.00 via Priority Mail.

Check out our full line of Coyote Tan Products at https://strapstogo.com