The year of purple, 2022

2022 has been the year of purple. First Pantone’s color of the year is Very Peri, a shade of purple. Providing a “spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence”, the year started out with a bang.

Now M&M’s has the first new character in 10 years, a purple peanut m&m. It doesn’t sound like we will be seeing purple candy anytime soon but we can hope.

Here at Straps to Go we have been fans of purple from day 1. Our logo and web site use purple and those that have ordered product to be shipped by First Class Mail know we use purple shipping pouches.

Is the next step purple cocktails? Seems they already exist.


Meet our new CEO [Chief Entertainment Officer]. Harry showed up late this summer looking for a place to hang out. We captured him/her and put back outside only to find its way back in.

Harry tends to be a late riser, showing up around 11:00 and can be found scampering around the shop for the rest of the day. Water and food seem to have been sourced, hope this helps with the bug population.

Sorry to say, Harry doesn’t have a direct phone number so any correspondence must go through a human.

Why Harry? The TV show Death in Paradise has a green lizard who gets named Harry. We guessed that Harry was the proper name for all lizards and adopted it.

Now, if we could get some work out of him!