Cam Buckle Straps

One of the more useful straps we sell is the Cam Buckle Strap. They offer everything one might want out of a strap:
⇒ strong
⇒ easy to use
⇒ affordable
I carry a number of these in my truck to secure loads and some times they even are used to secure garbage cans.

It’s pretty windy in Cashmere and this truck stop doesn’t want its garbage cans flying away.

For 2021 we have changed the cam buckle used in our straps. It is now a zinc coated steel buckle which is much stronger than what we previously used.

New steel cam buckle

It has a breaking strength of 1100 pounds and buying them in volume has allowed us to upgrade the webbing we use to a much stronger grade at the same pricing.

Nylon webbing

Our nylon straps are available in black, royal blue (shown above), red and yellow. The webbing has a breaking strength of 2750 pounds although the weak point on the strap is the buckle. The raw end is cut at an angle to make insertion into the buckle simple and it is heat sealed.

Polypropylene webbing

The polypropylene version only comes in black and the webbing has a breaking strength of 800 pounds. There isn’t much of a price difference between the nylon and polypropylene version, it boils down to which webbing is best for your application.

Cam Buckle Straps

Both of these models are much superior to what we have been able to offer in the past with no increase in price. Give them a try, I think you will like them.

All Tied Down

The other day I received a call from the owner of a Murphy Bed. He wanted to add straps to keep the mattress from moving when folding up the bed.

Coming up with the straps was the easy part but how to attach them to the wooden frame wasn’t quite as obvious. We came up with two easy options.

If you are using wider webbing a pair of screws with finish washers will work.

Sheet Metal Screw & Finish Washer

Your local hardware store will probably carry all you need. I picked these up this morning, screw and washer cost around $0.25. Fold the webbing over so the screw goes through 2 layers.

1.5″ webbing with screws and finish washers

If you are looking for an even more “finished” (pun intended) look, use Footman’s Loops.

1″ webbing with footman’s loop

This method requires either sewing a loop into the end of the webbing or using a slide to form a loop. Not quite as handy as the first option.

Both provide plenty of strength. If you have screws and flat washers on hand they will work too. Screws without a washer might pull through some types of webbing and would not be a technique I would recommend.

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New March 2021

We have a couple of new products in stock.

Cam Buckle & G-Hook

They are both designed for 1″ webbing and are made from steel. The cam buckle has a protective zinc coating and an 1100 pound breaking strength. This is the strongest cam buckle we carry.

Also new is a steel G-Hook with a black powder coating sized for 1″ webbing. These will hook into MOLLE or a loop made from 1″ webbing and provide adjustment so you can cinch down your load. While not as light as aluminum or plastic they have a nice profile and really work well.

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Shipping to the UK

1 January 2021

Brexit has happened and one of the consequences was a change in how the UK tax authorities are dealing with import shipments. Now the exporter (for instance Straps to Go) is required to create an account with UK Tax and collect VAT on all shipments going to the UK. The exporter must then file a statement quarterly with UK Tax and remit and taxes collected.

For an exporter this requires enough business in the UK to cover the costs of managing the receipts and reimbursement to the government. Straps to Go is not in the position to handle this burden.

The only option that is available to us is to ship by United Parcel Service. This is much more expensive than putting something in the mail, additionally UPS uses a Customs Broker to handle collection of taxes and duties and they charge the importer for this service on top of the shipping costs.

There seem to be exceptions for Business to Business sales where the importer can provide us with their VAT Registration Number. I am not sure how the US Postal System will deal with this so if you are a business wishing to import from us please give us the particulars and we will investigate further.

At £135 the rules change again since duty will be collected. Again, contact us if you have an order that exceeds this amount.

Otherwise we have no economical way to ship to the UK at this time.

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