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The other day I received a call from the owner of a Murphy Bed. He wanted to add straps to keep the mattress from moving when folding up the bed.

Coming up with the straps was the easy part but how to attach them to the wooden frame wasn’t quite as obvious. We came up with two easy options.

If you are using wider webbing a pair of screws with finish washers will work.

Sheet Metal Screw & Finish Washer

Your local hardware store will probably carry all you need. I picked these up this morning, screw and washer cost around $0.25. Fold the webbing over so the screw goes through 2 layers.

1.5″ webbing with screws and finish washers

If you are looking for an even more “finished” (pun intended) look, use Footman’s Loops.

1″ webbing with footman’s loop

This method requires either sewing a loop into the end of the webbing or using a slide to form a loop. Not quite as handy as the first option.

Both provide plenty of strength. If you have screws and flat washers on hand they will work too. Screws without a washer might pull through some types of webbing and would not be a technique I would recommend.

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