1-1/2" Black Side Release Buckle (Old Style)

1.5 inch black side release buckle

Black side release double buckle for 1½" webbing. Acetal material for outdoor usage.

  • Length: 2.92"
  • Width: 1.84"
  • Thickness: 0.43"
  • Minimum breaking strength: pounds
  • Manufacturers part number: BSR 1½"
  • Straps to Go part number: WEBBSR-150

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Price:  $1.26 EACH

Part Number:  WEBBSR-150

Unassembled buckle

What is the difference between the WEBBSR-1150 and WEBBSR-150-DA?
It is pretty simple, the DA stands for Double Adjust. If you are replacing a buckle and the webbing is sewn to one side (and adjustable on the other side) you have the single adjust version. The male half of the buckle is the same in the single and double adjust version, it's just the female half that is different.

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revised 4/2018