1" Black Polyester Webbing With Reflective Strip

1 Inch Black Polyester Webbing With Reflective Strip

1" black polyester webbing with 9/16" wide reflective strip. This webbing is thinner than others we sell so it can be sewn on to a bag, backpack or clothing to provide a reflective stripe 9/16" wide. You have around ¼" on each side of the reflective stripe for sewing. While thinner than most webbing it grabs well if used with side release or ladder lock buckles.

  • Nominal thickness: 0.017"
  • ACW style number: 710
  • Straps to Go part number: WEB710-100

Price:  $0.60 FOOT

Part Number:  WEB710-100

This is another of ACW's coated products, polyester webbing with a wide reflective stripe. It is thin enough to be used as a binding although it is webbing and not cut on a bias so curves will be a challenge.
Useful on bags and backpacks, especially if you are walking around town after dark and want cars to see you (or your children). Here in the Northwest having a reflective element to your clothing or what you are carrying really helps on those days when it is raining cats and dogs and cars need headlights even in the middle of the day.

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revised 10/2019